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Guruvayur In General: Perfect Visitors Guide

Guruvayur In General: Perfect Visitors Guide


Guruvayur is the abode of Guruvayurappan, one of the incarnations of lord Mahavishnu. The town is quite busy and energetic. Being a pilgrim city it need not be always for devotional intention yet there are lot other activities that can be done for which the place is prominent for. Population arriving and leaving may also look out for well known tourists spots, other religious monuments, hotels for lodging and many more.

Located to the north west of Thrissur city at about 29 kilometres, it is controlled and managed by the Guruvayoor municipality which serves the settlers with all the needs required for a living. The township will soon outstretch its status to that of a city in the coming years and it is heading towards the road of renovation.

Bhasuri Inn is an economical and elegant hotel property standing with pride among the other commercial structures. Its our immense pleasure to serve the customers when they make their way to our space with sincere dedication. We bestow richness blended with comfort and style. Our services include availing kalyana mandapams, banquet halls, marriage booking,conducting marriages, wedding photography, arranging party halls and so on in and around Guruvayur.

Wedding packages that stays within the expected budget of the individual or group is one of the remarkable features which makes us popular. We not only care about our customers only, but assistance is given for all the people who reach the temple city. A general information for the knowledge of the immigrants is hereby listed below.


The name Guruvayur is coined out from three terms – Guru (Brihaspati), Vayu (Air) and Oor (Land). It is being believed that Guru has found a statue of lord Sree Krishna floating in water and placed it in a position with the help of vaayu and named it Guruvayurappan. The current location of the temple is where the idol is fixed. However there are many other beliefs related to its establishment.


Like most other part of Kerala, Guruvayur has a tropical climate which varies according to the alterations of different seasons. Summer heat sores to as high as 37 degree celsius and the winter drops to a minimum of 25 degree celsius. Summer is observed during the month of march to may.

As the summer descends it gives rise to the monsoon season from june to september. Heavy rainfalls are experienced at this time. Their are lots of lodging available near to the temple and the metallic structure made open for the public just a few metres away which comfort them during the rainy months.

Cool breeze can be noticed during the winter months. December till february can be very pleasant and calm during the early morning hours which spread the chill to the surroundings throughout the day. Tourist visits the area at this time of the year as the temperature is perfect for sightseeing activities.


Buses operate on a daily basis from all corners of Kerala to and from Guruvayoor. You can make use of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation(KSRTC) or private buses as means of public transport. People owning their own vehicle need not worry as there is ample parking space allowed by the municipality.

Railway station is nearly 2kms away from the temple and the service is available to Thrissur, Ernakulam Kozhikode and Trivandrum which are some of the major cities of the state.
Kochi International airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 80 kms from Guruvayoor. People coming by flight should have to catch a bus or train to reach the spot. Taxis are also available for a comfort journey for those who have difficulty in getting aid by other means of transportation.

Temple Facilities:

Services provided by the temple proves much beneficial for the public to cope up with the environment. People from all over India reaches the pilgrim centre to get blessings from the divine power. Multilingual sign boards are fixed at each and every corner of the compound so that it would be easy for the population who are unaware of the local language – Malayalam. Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and English are the other dialects used with the aim of easy communication between different cultures. Notably non hindus are not permitted inside the temple premises. Stores and hotels and are constructed very near to the temple with approval from devaswom. They facilitates the public with water, security and almost every needs.


There are many favoured attraction in the city and nearby locations. Devaswom museum is situated very close to the area of worship in the east gate which is at a walkable distance. It showcases a large collection of antiques, mural paintings,musical instruments and other valuable materials.

The elephant camp commonly called anakotta by the locals is the biggest elephant sanctuary in the world. You won’t be able to see a herd of elephants as much as this anywhere else in the world. There are about 60 jumbos in the compound currently and are gifted to the temple by the devotees. Other temptations include mammiyur temple, chowalloor temple, chavakkad beach etc.

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