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New Year: A Hope for a Better Tomorrow

New Year: A Hope for a Better Tomorrow

New Year always gives an ambivalent feeling to us; one side it makes us miserable because of the last year memory which is going to faded soon. On the other hand it gives a lot of happiness and the excitement towards the New Year which will gives new hopes and dreams to everyone. The New Year gives us an opportunity to reinvent our self. Approach the New Year with a great enthusiasm to find the opportunities hidden in each new day. Let’s welcome the 365 days it brings…let’s walk through its corridors… And make it deserving for us.

Bhasuri Inn, one of the eminent hotels in Guruvayoor, welcomes you to our family to enjoy your occasions with your loved ones. We can give you a different hospitality experience along with our ingenious staffs. We are sure that we can make you satisfied by our calmful atmosphere. It is a four star hotel in Guruvayoor with well furnished rooms and the restaurant which balances offering a seasonal menu or new dishes with always being able to deliver the favourites of regular diners. Bhasuri Inn reservations sites are always available for you to reserve your stay before it filled.

You can make your New Year more colourful by making some valuable New Year resolutions and make it worth for the upcoming years too. It should be chosen by you, because it is your responsibility to fulfill. The name resolution itself means something that have to be resolved so identify the misconception in you and try to avoid it completely. Make every resolution meaningful and make it beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Every year will brings us something special in it’s own way. It’s our responsibility to make it worth and useful. This is a great opportunity to make your loved ones happy. Bhasuri inn, the luxury hotelin guruvayur is always conducting special programmes for their customers to celebrate New Year. It brings a fresh start, new opportunities and an exhilarating sense of rejuvenation. We often make New Year’s resolutions in an attempt to improve ourselves and to be better towards others. It gives us a way for Expressing our love, gratitude, respect and appreciation to others and sending them warm wishes. Come let us celebrate this New Year at Bhasuri Inn, the luxury hotel in guruvayur and experience the freshness of the divinity.

Christmas – Gift of Love

Christmas – Gift of Love

We always remember the happiness happened during daytime and cherish the memories. Christmas is the time we recollect the joyfulness of a gift, presented over a beautiful night. Celebrations will start over a month before and continue its charm to welcome a new year ahead. It’s a festival that passes the message of hope blended with love and happiness. Christmas is observed worldwide irrespective of religion, race and area. Its secular approach is appreciable and welcoming for all self-centered persons who see themselves as the last option in all aspects.

Bhasuri Inn, one of the best hotels in Guruvayoor, offers most luxury rooms in Guruvayoor, where we can find dignified experience in each and every corner of the hotel. Rooms are of international quality and services rendered there are outstanding. Good spaces along with nice assistance are the code for a successful commencement. They furnish the rooms for all folks of people, where we can see such a wide range of budget very rarely. Those who are looking for a stay are assuredly searching for clean rooms and friendly services at an affordable rate. All these details can be found clearly at Bhasuri Inn, the best wedding halls in Guruvayoor. As technology grows people search for easier methods for getting details about a place, here Bhasuri Inn is presenting an application for updated information.

The ultimate search for a good stay always ends in an excellent food offered there. Bhasuri Inn, one of the best hotels in Guruvayoor, supports a multi cuisine restaurant which is treating all in a same manner without any difference. Coffee shop is always a place where good relations are nourishing. Christmas season is gifting the aroma of cakes and pastries everywhere. Here we can find this aroma in this coffee shop where delicious Christmas cakes are welcoming everyone.

Christmas bells’ ringing in this festive season is a feel of happiness and love. Bhasuri Inn, luxury wedding halls in Guruvayoor is witnessing the joining of two hearts and families in the background of ringing bells. Wedding is a point where we change the direction of our life to another route where we get a co-traveler to accompany in our journey. The place which watching the holy ceremony should be of heavenly feel, then only we can experience the real grace of the ritual in its completeness.

Christmas season is always a time when exuberance is followed by pleasure and aspiration. We are expecting a prosperous year ahead after these enjoyments. Celebrations are regularly a moment of great get-together and sharing the joy. Bhasuri Inn is ready to welcome this occasion and waiting for a cheerful gathering that serves their love, carefulness and pleasure. Cakes and pastries are the symbol of love that shares not only sweetness but also joy from the depth of one’s heart. Bhasuri Inn is celebrating this Christmas with yummy cakes and pastries along with ribbons and stars. Let the stars switch their seats from sky to Bhasuri Inn. They are offering a possibility to enjoy this Christmas, a festival which replaces all differences and conditions with love, with the brilliance of stars that embellishes the best hotels in Guruvayoor- Bhasuri Inn.

Guruvayur Ekadasi

Guruvayur Ekadasi

Ekadasi, a day specially dedicated for ourselves, to get rid of our sinful life and to become the part of the creator ultimately. It is very propitious for Hindus. They commemorate this day for the compassion of Lord Vishnu showered upon his creatures. Among 24 Ekadasis, Vrishchika Ekadasi is the most important and more widely celebrated. Guruvayoor Ekadasi is as famous as Thrissur Pooram. Pilgrims to Guruvayoor is like a river normally but during Ekadasi it will be an ocean and temple is filled with krishnasthuthikal. A month before Ekadasi, there starts an Ekadasi Vilakku, which is offered by any persons, families or organizations. People believe that the offering of ghee to this Vilakku too proffers them a blessing. Temple opens on this day for Nirmalya darshan will close only after Dasami and Ekadasi days which allowing the devotees a continuous darshan. Offering of a token amount called Dwadasi Panam is an existing custom which continues for the welfare of all.

Guruvayoor Kesavan is synonymous to Guruvayoor temple, which remains in everyone’s heart as a nostalgic feel. Gajarajan (Elephant King) is the unique title given by Guruvayoor Devaswom to Kesavan. Memorial tribute is given to Guruvayoor Gajarajan Kesavan on this Ekadasi day, which witnessed the same lost on the same day in the year of 1976. Chief of elephants garlands the statue of Guruvayoor Kesavan on this day to express the immeasurable love.

Ekadasi, a holy moment for every devotee, is observed as a fasting day. It should follow in a spiritual atmosphere with hymns to lord is the only source of their energy. Place where they stay should be sacred in all means. Bhasuri inn, one of the best hotels in Guruvayoor, is ready to welcome this Ekadasi in its full divinity. They provide not just rooms but space where the pilgrims can stay in a peaceful and calm frame of mind.

Land of Guruvayoor is dedicated for the devotees who visited this holy place and the residents themselves ready to serve the pilgrims as a commitment to their life which begins and flows through the hymns arise from this house of prayer. Bhasuri inn, which provides best rooms in Guruvayoor, offers finest facilities to the pilgrims from all over the world. Their multi cuisine restaurant shows a best example for their immense hospitality and impartial love to all devotees.

Guruvayoor temple and its surroundings are permeated with holy chants. Bhasuri inn which is located near to temple, assure a spiritual environment to make the devotee a feel of serene scene which is rarely but surely found in Guruvayoor. They promise the devotees a calm, divine and heavenly abode.

The temple town of Kerala, Guruvayoor, is majorly occupied by many hotels. Bhasuri inn is a unique option in the list of rooms in Guruvayoor. It is distinctive in its location and the facilities provided by them to the devotees. Served with love in the background of sacred intention is the key to the successful acceptance of Bhasuri inn as one of the best hotels in Guruvayoor.






Bhasuri Inn is a renowned hotel located in the divine town of Guruvayur, the abode of Lord Vishnu. The word ‘Bhasuri’ stands for the flute, the divine instrument of Sri Krishna, Lord Vishnu incarnate. Just as the flute is a divine symbol of freedom of expression, Bhasuri Inn expresses its creativity and style through its unique array of services and special offers.

Our hotel boasts of the best rooms of highest quality and hygiene, maintained by our professional housekeeping staff. We provide a wide range of A/C and non A/C rooms to choose from, from Ordinary and Deluxe to Superior Deluxe to Presidential suites. From every room, one gets to enjoy the view of guruvayur and experience the divine aura of the place with the air filled with smell of incense and daily chants from the temple. Our expert management ensures that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable at all times.
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We offer a variety of services like:

  • Happy Hours – Complementary breakfast provided to our esteemed guests
  • Special offer of 10 % for booking with us in advance
  • Veg biriyani fest/Kerala Puttu fest/Traditional Kerala Sadya and other offerings of our Chefs from time to time

We also provide a great venue for organizing meetings and events. Our spacious and sophisticated meeting room and event space holds up to 1000 guests and can host any event of your choice, be it a business meeting, family gathering, birthday parties, baptism etc. Our experienced and trained staff helps to manage your event efficiently without a glitch.

Bhasuri Inn boasts of a grand 4000 sq.ft banquet hall for conducting marriages in ultimate luxury. Built in traditional style with a royal, vibrant touch, the hall has witnessed scores of weddings conducted with great elegance and style. It is said that marriages are made in heaven, and at Bhasuri, we create the heavenly ambience for this special occasion. The hall can seat around 650 guests, and the parking lot accommodates around 60 vehicles. We also provide free driver accommodation.

The best part of Bhasuri’s unique services would be the dining experience we provide. Our multi-cuisine restaurant offers you the best of hygienically prepared, delicious food prepared by seasoned chefs. The ambience is one that makes you feel at home instantly, with relaxing music and warm, friendly waiters. Our restaurant and coffee shop provide the ideal atmosphere to ‘hang out’ with friends and loved ones, and engage in interesting conversations and renew relationships. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled service, variety cuisine and a most pleasurable dining environment.

Bhasuri Inn offers the best of services at very reasonable rates, and continuously works towards bringing a smile on the faces of its customers. If you are in Guruvayur and wish to stay in comfort and style, you are welcome to Bhasuri Inn. We promise you a most enjoyable experience of staying in Guruvayur, one that would stay in your memory for a lifetime.