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Christmas – Gift of Love

Christmas – Gift of Love

We always remember the happiness happened during daytime and cherish the memories. Christmas is the time we recollect the joyfulness of a gift, presented over a beautiful night. Celebrations will start over a month before and continue its charm to welcome a new year ahead. It’s a festival that passes the message of hope blended with love and happiness. Christmas is observed worldwide irrespective of religion, race and area. Its secular approach is appreciable and welcoming for all self-centered persons who see themselves as the last option in all aspects.

Bhasuri Inn, one of the best hotels in Guruvayoor, offers most luxury rooms in Guruvayoor, where we can find dignified experience in each and every corner of the hotel. Rooms are of international quality and services rendered there are outstanding. Good spaces along with nice assistance are the code for a successful commencement. They furnish the rooms for all folks of people, where we can see such a wide range of budget very rarely. Those who are looking for a stay are assuredly searching for clean rooms and friendly services at an affordable rate. All these details can be found clearly at Bhasuri Inn, the best wedding halls in Guruvayoor. As technology grows people search for easier methods for getting details about a place, here Bhasuri Inn is presenting an application for updated information.

The ultimate search for a good stay always ends in an excellent food offered there. Bhasuri Inn, one of the best hotels in Guruvayoor, supports a multi cuisine restaurant which is treating all in a same manner without any difference. Coffee shop is always a place where good relations are nourishing. Christmas season is gifting the aroma of cakes and pastries everywhere. Here we can find this aroma in this coffee shop where delicious Christmas cakes are welcoming everyone.

Christmas bells’ ringing in this festive season is a feel of happiness and love. Bhasuri Inn, luxury wedding halls in Guruvayoor is witnessing the joining of two hearts and families in the background of ringing bells. Wedding is a point where we change the direction of our life to another route where we get a co-traveler to accompany in our journey. The place which watching the holy ceremony should be of heavenly feel, then only we can experience the real grace of the ritual in its completeness.

Christmas season is always a time when exuberance is followed by pleasure and aspiration. We are expecting a prosperous year ahead after these enjoyments. Celebrations are regularly a moment of great get-together and sharing the joy. Bhasuri Inn is ready to welcome this occasion and waiting for a cheerful gathering that serves their love, carefulness and pleasure. Cakes and pastries are the symbol of love that shares not only sweetness but also joy from the depth of one’s heart. Bhasuri Inn is celebrating this Christmas with yummy cakes and pastries along with ribbons and stars. Let the stars switch their seats from sky to Bhasuri Inn. They are offering a possibility to enjoy this Christmas, a festival which replaces all differences and conditions with love, with the brilliance of stars that embellishes the best hotels in Guruvayoor- Bhasuri Inn.

Guruvayur Ekadasi

Guruvayur Ekadasi

Ekadasi, a day specially dedicated for ourselves, to get rid of our sinful life and to become the part of the creator ultimately. It is very propitious for Hindus. They commemorate this day for the compassion of Lord Vishnu showered upon his creatures. Among 24 Ekadasis, Vrishchika Ekadasi is the most important and more widely celebrated. Guruvayoor Ekadasi is as famous as Thrissur Pooram. Pilgrims to Guruvayoor is like a river normally but during Ekadasi it will be an ocean and temple is filled with krishnasthuthikal. A month before Ekadasi, there starts an Ekadasi Vilakku, which is offered by any persons, families or organizations. People believe that the offering of ghee to this Vilakku too proffers them a blessing. Temple opens on this day for Nirmalya darshan will close only after Dasami and Ekadasi days which allowing the devotees a continuous darshan. Offering of a token amount called Dwadasi Panam is an existing custom which continues for the welfare of all.

Guruvayoor Kesavan is synonymous to Guruvayoor temple, which remains in everyone’s heart as a nostalgic feel. Gajarajan (Elephant King) is the unique title given by Guruvayoor Devaswom to Kesavan. Memorial tribute is given to Guruvayoor Gajarajan Kesavan on this Ekadasi day, which witnessed the same lost on the same day in the year of 1976. Chief of elephants garlands the statue of Guruvayoor Kesavan on this day to express the immeasurable love.

Ekadasi, a holy moment for every devotee, is observed as a fasting day. It should follow in a spiritual atmosphere with hymns to lord is the only source of their energy. Place where they stay should be sacred in all means. Bhasuri inn, one of the best hotels in Guruvayoor, is ready to welcome this Ekadasi in its full divinity. They provide not just rooms but space where the pilgrims can stay in a peaceful and calm frame of mind.

Land of Guruvayoor is dedicated for the devotees who visited this holy place and the residents themselves ready to serve the pilgrims as a commitment to their life which begins and flows through the hymns arise from this house of prayer. Bhasuri inn, which provides best rooms in Guruvayoor, offers finest facilities to the pilgrims from all over the world. Their multi cuisine restaurant shows a best example for their immense hospitality and impartial love to all devotees.

Guruvayoor temple and its surroundings are permeated with holy chants. Bhasuri inn which is located near to temple, assure a spiritual environment to make the devotee a feel of serene scene which is rarely but surely found in Guruvayoor. They promise the devotees a calm, divine and heavenly abode.

The temple town of Kerala, Guruvayoor, is majorly occupied by many hotels. Bhasuri inn is a unique option in the list of rooms in Guruvayoor. It is distinctive in its location and the facilities provided by them to the devotees. Served with love in the background of sacred intention is the key to the successful acceptance of Bhasuri inn as one of the best hotels in Guruvayoor.






It’s yet another season of Onam, one of the biggest and the most important festivals of the state of Kerala. With joy and enthusiasm, people of all communities celebrate Onam to welcome King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam. What’s the legend behind this joyous festival? Have you ever wondered? As with any other legend, the origin of Onam differs in different regions of India. There are a couple of stories associated with Mahabali and Onam and in most cases, they’re similar with only minute differences. Here we’ll discuss these legends of Onam.

According to the Vedic texts of Hinduism, the Hindu God Vishnu, the creator who in three steps defined all there is in the universe took the form of a dwarf monk Brahmin called Vamana. Vamana is the fifth avatar of Vishnu. He incarnates in a time of crisis and to restore balance to the universe by creatively vanquishing the asura (demon) king Mahabali with superfluous powers over the universe. According to Hindu mythology, the demon king sponsors a sacrifice and gift giving ceremony to all to reinforce his power after his exploits and triumph over the universe.

Vamana appears at this function and when it’s his turn to receive the gift from asura king, Mahabali offers him that he shall have any riches and material wealth his heart desires. Vamana refuses all the riches he was offered and said he would like just three steps worth of land. Mahabali accepted his request and said he can have three steps of land anywhere he wants. Vamana then grows into a giant the size of the universe. He takes the first step to cover the earth, the second step he takes covers the heavens. For the third step, there was no land left hence Mahabali offers his head on which Vamana can step as his third step. Vamana steps on Mahabali’s head to send the demon king to the underworld (Patala).

Vamana’s giant form is also known as Trivikrama which literally means three steps to indicate the three steps he took to vanquish the asura king to patala. However, just like any other legends, there are so many versions of this story. The Vamana legend is popular and is the inspiration to icons found in Hindu temples and sections found in Hindu Vedic texts. There are about thirty different versions of his mythology in ancient texts.

Keralites knows the legend of Mahabali a bit differently. Mahabali even though he was an asura (demon) king, he was a benevolent king. Mahabali was the great-grandson of Hiranyakshipu, the grandson of Prahlada and the son of Virochana. Vishnu descended as the Vamana avatar to restore the authority of Indra deva over the heavens, as it had been taken by the benevolent asura King Mahabali. The dwarf Brahmin avatar, Vamana carried a wooden umbrella when he went to see the asura king to request three spaces of land. Even though his guru, Sukracharya strongly advised against accepting this request, Mahabali granted the brahmin’s request. By stepping on Mahabali’s head, Vamana gave the king immortality in return for his humility. Mahabali was allowed to return once every year to see the citizens of his country.

For Keralites, the day of Mahabali’s visit is celebrated as Onam festival while for the rest of the country this is celebrated on the first day of Diwali. It represents the return of Mahabali to visit the earth once every year in August-September to see his people. Some ancient texts also mention that Vamana gave the lordship of the underworld to Mahabali.

In a similar version, Mahabali is believed to have received all his power by defeating the Hindu gods (Devas) and taking over the three worlds. Vaishnavism mythology indicates the defeated gods approached Vishnu for his help in the battle with Mahabali, for which he refused to use violence against Mahabali since he was a good ruler and his own devotee. Vishnu instead of joining the gods decided to test his devotee. When Mahabali declared that he’s going to perform Yajna (homa sacrifices) and grant anyone any request during the Yajna, Vishnu took the Vamana avatar and used it as an opportunity to test Mahabali’s devotion.

Even if there are different versions they’re all somewhat similar and conveys the same important message about Onam, that it’s a festival for prosperity and benevolence.
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Wedding In Guruvayur – Hindu Wedding Rituals

Wedding In Guruvayur – Hindu Wedding Rituals

Wedding is a ceremony that represents the unity of two souls intended to spend their rest of the life together. Wedding in Guruvayur is a vision of every hindu to fulfill in a most blessed way in front of lord Guruvayoorappan. Every hindu marriage is filled rich with its own traditional value and rituals are followed during the process.There are 3 classification of rituals followed – Pre Wedding Rituals, Wedding Rituals, Post Wedding Rituals.

Pre Wedding Rituals:

Pre marriage rituals consists of formal gathering between the elder members of the two families to resolve on the the compatibility factors linking them. This may also include the meeting of the bride and groom to decide their mutual decision on which rest of the procedure will depend. If this step is favourable, parents should have to act on the next set of pace like fixing the wedding date, booking a hall, printing invitation cards, generating a list of guests to attend etc.

Wedding Rituals:

Wedding rituals starts with inviting the bridegroom to the mandapam or the venue of marriage, exchange garlands,giving the daughter to the grooms hands safely called the Kanyadan, tying a knot called Mangalsutra and the saint will chat mantras or vedic mantras and the mangal karma takes place around the fire in the presence of god. With the end of this means the bride and groom accepts each other and promises to be in their lives throughout.

Post Wedding Rituals:

Post wedding rituals comprises of reception party were the bride’s family gives a superior farewell to all present in the ceremony, receiving blessings from the elders, receiving the bride and groom to the entrance with tiri vilak to ensure goodness to the peers and before entering to the house showers their feet with water leaving the footprints on the floor.

Bhasuri Inn, one of the best wedding planners in Kerala guarantees a space for all 3 rituals and provides excellent wedding venues in Guruvayur with high class facilities at a reasonable price to make sure its is manageable by all.
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Impact of GST On Guruvayoor Hotel – BHASURI INN

Impact of GST On Guruvayoor Hotel – BHASURI INN

Goods & Service Tax is a new form of tax reform introduced recently with an aim to replace multiple taxes levied by the central and state governments. The term has been a nervous as well as favourable for different sectors of business. Eventhough there has been a lot of uncertainty just after initial start of the strategy, the confusion has come to a low dip among the people after a few days of its implementation.

One of the sectors where the structure has well affected the business is hospitality. Rooms at Guruvayur having a tariff rate of less than Rs 1000 will fortunately reflects 0% GST, while the range of room prices from Rs 1000 to Rs 2499 will attract 12%. INR 2500 – 7499 Guruvayoor room reservation rates will have to be paid with 18% tax and finally a levy of more than Rs 7500 will have a GST of 28%.

In comparison to the previously existed scenario, the room tariff of Rs 5000 had to be paid with 20% tax compared to 18% now. So the current condition is flowing in such a way that same amount will be levied on rooms having Rs 6000 before GST and Rs 5900 after GST. Rooms priced at Rs 7500 including taxes was made available to the customers amounting to Rs 9000 prior GST and Rs 9600 post the scheme.

Before the scheme was implemented all over India, hoteliers had a quite different form of manual strategy included in pricing the services, but with the realization of the reform, they have to change the tax rates as mentioned by the government across all the distribution channels. Free GST Billing Software is being provided to Guruvayoor lodgings to make the transition a trouble free one for the business. To avail the services visit

GST on restaurants in Guruvayoor has been revised following that which was of a great relief to the segment of luxury hotels in Guruvayur. Earlier, 5 star and 3 star hotels in Guruvayur were scheduled to impose a tax rate of 28 % by the council, but with continual opposition from hospitality sector, the government has dropped down the levy to 18% resulting in more flow of customers.

Are you a hotelier who haven’t implemented GST in your hotel management software? Do you want to make your business a GST friendly one? Free ready-to-use Online GST billing software for every businesses are available in.
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Hotel in Guruvayur – Derives Enjoyment

Hotel in Guruvayur – Derives Enjoyment

If you want to feel the spectacular spirit of living experience come and stay at Hotels in Guruvayoor. Here,Bhasuri Inn is providing the large range of different category rooms , consequently it leads to get opportunity to afford rooms for any persons from any class of family, which they belongs to. It is one of the main conspicuous speciality in the Bhasuri inn booking Hotels in Guruvayoor. Coming to our unique facilities to our customers, the hotels in Bhasuri Inn providing homely foods at any time, their cuisines works for 24hrs. It reveals that the certain kind of customers, one who reach late nights, will get foods at any time with large variety of dishes. And Bhasuri Inn, hotel in guruvayur are serving not only traditional foods , but also they have a wide range of various kind of chinese and north indian foods. Bhasuri Inn hotels always trying to keep the uniqueness among other Hotels in Guruvayur, because of that our clients will not mention that just a hotel, they will always remind to say Bhasuri Inn booking hotels at any time when they expressing our hotels uniqueness.

Bhasuri Inn hotels are also persuade youths, mostly, our hotels are providing three astonishing facilities for youths, because we know that the upcoming generation is our strength to endure our credibility to next to next generations. Firstly, they providing Free WiFi. We know that it is an enchanting stuff for youths. Secondly, Bhasuri Inn have bean mug cafe. Finally, the hotels are providing Golden Leaf Restaurant. The things mentioned above are not only for youths any age belonging persons can enjoy this kind of facilities. Mostly Hotels in Guruvayur has got common type of rooms. If you want to feel the unique kind of room experience search hotels in Bhasuri Inn. Rooms in Guruvayoor are mainly traditional type, when we have checked the reviews of 95% of customers, they are not satisfied with that kind of rooms. However, also maintained traditional atmosphere around the hotels in Bhasuri Inn.
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The main reason why the people finding Room in Guruvayoor is, it houses the Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple, the fourth largest temple in India in terms of the number of devotees visiting per day. By the way. the Bhasuri Inn hotels are situated adjacent to the great Guruvayoor temple.

Hotels In Guruvayoor For Pleasant Stay

Hotels In Guruvayoor For Pleasant Stay

Guruvayoor is an enchanting place. It is considered the Dwarka of the south. The name Guruvayoor comes from the name of the deity of the main temple – Guruvayoorappan, which is just one of the hundreds of names by which Lord Krishna is called affectionately.
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There are many good hotels in Guruvayoorrooms in guruvayoor to accommodate the scores of pilgrims that arrive at the town to visit the Guruvayoor temple. During auspicious days and major festivals at the temple, most hotels are tightly packed, so make sure to book well in advance while planning your travel on those days.

Bhasuri Inn offers comfortable rooms with all modern amenities for the spiritual traveler. Located very close to the temple at walkable distance, Bhasuri Inn offers its guests a calm, peaceful and noise-free atmosphere that complements the divine aura of the city. Guruvayoor sees pilgrims from all over the world, so Bhasuri Inn offers a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers North-Indian food as well as international cuisine to cater to all its guests from different parts of the world.

While planning your visit to Guruvayoor, look for a hotel that is walkable distance from the temple. The roads leading to the temple face a lot of congestion, so it is desirable that you go by walk to attend the temple rituals and programmes.

Guruvayoor is a calm and serene town with pleasant climate all year around. Devotees visit here throughout the year, but there are a few occasions when it is particularly auspicious to visit the Guruvayoor temple.

Day of Vishu (New Year) – The Kerala New Year usually falls on April 14th. Keralites believe that whatever they see first thing in the morning of this day (Vishu Kani) will decide how the year unfolds for them. Many Hindus throng the Guruvayoor temple courtyard to catch a glimpse of the deity as their Vishu Kani in the early morning hours of Vishu.

Guruvayur Utsavam – This grand temple festival spreads over 10 days in the months of February – March. Flag-hoisting, elephant race, processions and eye-catching cracker displays are some of the specialities of this festival.

Krishnageethi Day – This day marks the completion of composition of ‘Krishnageethi’ (the life story of Lord Krishna) by the Zamorin Manavedan, and the popular dance form ‘Krishnanattam’ is based on this composition. On this day the entire text of ‘Krishnageethi’ will be discoursed at the temple.

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Rooms In Guruvayoor

Rooms In Guruvayoor

Coming to Guruvayoor is like a spiritual calling for most Hindus. Guruvayoor holds a mesmerising appeal to everyone with the several temples and shrines that are scattered all over this small town, the most magnificent being undoubtedly, the great temple of Guruvayoorappan (Lord Krishna).
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Because of the sheer volume of devotees that pour in from all parts of India and abroad daily to visit this temple, real estate has been flourishing really well here. Many of the houses and flats bought in Guruvayoor are rented out by their owners on daily basis to pilgrims coming to this town for a day or two. Hotels have sprung up in Guruvayoor like mushrooms after the rain, and offer luxury rooms with all basic facilities and comforts. Most of the well-known hotels like Bhasuri Inn are centered around the temple premises, so that devotees can visit the temple on foot for attending the daily prayers and rituals. It is easy to find yourself a room for stay once you are in Guruvayoor, but a little exploring can strike you the best deal.

If you are low on budget and traveling singly, renting a flat for a day would be the best option. Some provide the facility to self cook your meals too. For a group, you may consider a homestay or a hotel.

There are several nice hotels in Guruvayoor to choose from. Bhasuri Inn – Rooms In Guruvayoor stands out from other hotels with its outstanding hospitality experience. Bhasuri Inn gives its guests the pleasure of easy booking through its website or mobile app, and regularly launches seasonal offers exclusively for its customers. The rooms and facilities are done up in international style, with a multi-cuisine restaurant, a coffee shop and a banquet hall to complete the picture. Many grand weddings have been solemnised in the banquet hall that can seat around 650 guests.

If you are planning to coming to Guruvayoor, it would be advisable to book rooms in advance, as Bhasuri Inn and other good hotels provide attractive discounts for advance booking. Bhasuri Inn – Rooms In Guruvayoor are available for a wide range of budgets and offer all the comforts of a pleasant, hassle-free stay. You also get updated information on the various places of interest in Guruvayoor and nearby areas from our front-desk or through our mobile app.

If you are looking for a place to unwind and experience the divine atmosphere of Guruvayoor, there is no comfortable place like Bhasuri Inn. The warm, fresh atmosphere and friendly staff will make your stay a most memorable one.
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Pooram Varavayi

Pooram Varavayi

Thrissur district known for its wide varieties of cultural activities, valued throughout the state as the cultural capital. The reason being why it was named is because of immense number of traditional heritage events organised and maintained. The place is also known to have largest number of temples than any other district. Kerala Kalamandalam is a perfect example for the people which maintains the proud name.

Yet another event which calls people from different parts of the worlds to reach the city is Thrissur pooram. Keralites, especially locals from Thrissur worldwide has this title uplifted to their district. Trichur Pooram is a cultural festival conducted annually at the time of Medam in malayalam calendar. This year, it is organised on 5th of May.

Two renowned temples in Kerala conducts this auspicious moments namely Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna temple and Paramekkavu Devi temple. The celebration is widely known by the name “Mother of all Poorams” and it lasts for more than a day and ends with the pakal pooram, the coming day which is considered their actual festival date by the locals.

Cheru Poorams from 8 temples which includes Kanimangalam, Karamukku, Choorakkattukara, Laloor, Ayyanthole, Neithilakkavu Chembukkavu and Panamukkampilly joins in the midst of the main festival to pay honour to the presiding god, lord Shiva or also known by the name Vadakkumnathan.

The city will be crowded with numerous people from various parts of the world to witness the spectacular features that fills the celebration. Those who visits Thrissur also comes to Guruvayur to receive the blessings from the lord Sri Krishna. Bhasuri Inn is a pre eminent hotel in Guruvayoor which offers 5 star accommodation for the people in Guruvayoor.

Thekkinkadu maidanam is a lush spacious ground surrounding the Vadakkumnathan where the events are organised. Thiruvambady commences the celebration by heading towards the temple with a team of artists and elephants affixed by golden head pad. Paramekkavu team too enters the arena with same strength to reach near the Elanji tree inside the premises of the temple. The artisans will be playing a set of instruments at this time.

Both the groups will be present near the Thekke gopura nada, facing each other with their teams to showcase their respective artworks in umbrellas. Kudamattam will be filled with numerous colours and styles to conquer the minds of millions standing in the spot. It can also be viewed during the pooram exhibition at any time before the actual date of festival.

People will wait for the fireworks held by the two teams on the same day, late in the evening. After Kudamattam, Vedikettu is the most highlighting feature in Thrissur pooram. Each of which will blast from the sky and displays vibrant colours that fills the eyes of thousands viewing the event. Utmost care has been taken by the authorities in handling the explosives.

The celebration will come to a conclusion after the vedikettu held on the next day which is called pakal pooram. It is considered the real celebration period for the people of Thrissur. Atlast Upacharam Cholli Piriyal (farewell ceremony) will be conducted by both the teams. Elephant leader of each group bows their trunk to each other and says bye till next pooram awakes the coming year.
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HOTEL IN GURUVAYOOR – Hotel Trends in 2017

HOTEL IN GURUVAYOOR – Hotel Trends in 2017

Hoteliers and weddings in Guruvayur is much more than a mutual relationship as both needs to stay close towards each other during the ceremonial events for a joint benefit. Hotels provides a well equipped space meeting the necessary requirements needed at that time. Bhasuri Inn – Hotel In Guruvayoor  is one amongst them which is known for delivering best wedding hall in Guruvayoor bringing an all new experience for the customers. Being a business, for maintaining its path in the right track a general drift needs to be showcased throughout the year. Here are some hotel  trends that can be expected in 2017.

Prevalent In-Room Innovations:

In this modern world, any businesses you compare are seeking the help of technology to stay a step forward. Even interiors of the room should not slip behind in the concept. Bhasuri Inn | Rooms In Guruvayoor , have High speed wireless internet connection transmitted through a wifi modem round the clock, a flat screen television for TV viewers, standard sockets for charging etc are available.

Safety at the Supreme:

A person or a group who come to reside in a hotel should be safe, so it is the prior responsibility of the hoteliers to make sure that there would be no lag in the applying security to the customers. Nowadays more than 90 % of the hotels do have CCTV cameras fitted in all corners of the buildings camouflaged to the surroundings so that it cannot be detected easily.

Extra Dining Facilities:

Most of the customers including those who comes more oftenly to business travels looks for a good dining facility to be present at the moment. An appreciative breakfast, lunch and dinner are expected by the majority of the people. For implementing the technique, the hotels are taking advantage of the location to serve the right choice in this year.

Comfort comes to Priority: <>hotel in guruvayoor

The business should take care of the convenience of the customer in terms of processes like booking, hospitality trends etc. The right method to bring this to live action is by using mobile technologies which are available with everyone. Mobile check ins and apps have been introduced in the late 2016 itself and now they are focusing on improvement of the current features.

Minimizing the Rate:

Hoteliers are focusing on reducing the rate incurred from the customer at the time of reservation. A study has concluded that the price has been deducted from a whooping 4 % in 2014 to less than 3% in 2017 presently. However the cancellation charge are not included in the revised state.

Quality Level of Services:

The quality level of services provided is one of the main reason why staying in a luxury hotel an exceptional experience to the customer. A valet parking is availed to them by most of the hoteliers this year, when compared to the previous. Dry cleaning services for occupants on a weekly basis is another factor. Entertainment facilities which includes gymnasiums, swimming pools, nightclubs have shown an upmark in 2017.

Bhasuri Inn – Hotel In Guruvayoor has successfully marked its steps to provide the above mentioned characteristics, which has proved the existence as the most trusted hotelier name in beginning of the year itself.